Thursday, 23 October 2008

Apologies for the delay

Hello hello.
I've been reading all about Emma's, Nina's, Sophie's, Priya's and Mark's adventures from their lovely e-mails! Thanks guys, keep them coming! But could you please change my e-mail address from the RVC one to cieronymidou at (I don't check the RVC one very much)
I discovered that additional authors can be added on for the blog, so people don't have to use the wildanimals08@googlemail account and can just sign straight in as themselves, so I invited everybody on my WAH/WAB e-mail list.
Did you guys see Tony in the news??? Should really e-mail and congratulate him on his paper.
I haven't been very good at telling you all my news. I'm in Norwich now. Did I mention that before? I'm still getting to grips with slowing down my London-pace (ironic, considering I couldn't wait to get out of the big city), while my PhD doesn't feel like it's going anywhere very fast at the moment - just loads of reading.
When something exciting happens I'll post again.
Hope you are all well and good luck with everything you're up to!
Love, Christina

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