Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Monthly update from Norwich

Hello everyone,

Hope you guys are well and haven't been too badly affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder now that winter is beginning to assert itself. I for one am freezing. It properly snowed here on Sunday! But then it rained and the snow melted and now it's just very very cold and wet and I need more woollen jumpers (I am a creature of warm climes after all)!

Other than the weather, my PhD is giving me a very hard time. Seriously, you guys, unless you are super obsessed about something then don't do this to yourselves! It's terrifying! My supervisor has assured me though that they wouldn't let me go through with it if there was a chance that I'd fail - that would be a waste of everybody's time - so I can at least be confident that if I'm no good they'll kick me out before I get a chance to really screw up. Just have to get on with it I suppose.

Good luck to all of you who are job hunting. You who have landed jobs already, I hope all is going well and will get better. And to Kyunglee and anyone else who is travelling, have a great trip!

Best wishes to all,


Monday, 3 November 2008

Dr Death calling again

Hi dear people!

Have killed another seal- more and more gray hair appearing..Tagging project falling appart and stuck here at art least another month. The joys of working with wildlife- charmingly unpredictable creatures who also behave particularly well at the mo..maybe the word has spread that the Dr. Death is waiting for new victims and thus the seals stay away from the traps..Feeling just 'slightly' frustrated and pissed off!!!! But it can't continue this bad (right;) and thus hoping for better times to come..If and when get the the final two tags attached, will so reward myself with a plane ticket (hey, been in Finland for 7 weeks already!!!!Feels like bloody ages..) and think that will pay a brief visit to London (don't laugh, Mark! Visiting ok, living not;) in December. If anybody around, love to see you guys- I'm SO bored now, waiting at home for the seals to appear and surrounded by people who just don't get it why the land is once again burning under my feet..just can't help my vagabond nature;)
Hope you're all well and good luck with job hunting, keep my fingers crossed for you!!!! If any consolation, will you join you guys shortly and need to find work for at least next 6 months as well (will continue the tagging next summer if lucky). Take care, miss you all !!!:)

the lethal Nina