Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Hi Guys,

Sitting in ZSL Conservation Programmes and thought I'd say hello (although I am seriously suspecting that noone is looking at this very much these days, considering the date of the last post..) I am volunteering two days a week as CP, working on Nepal snow leopard and Sundarbans tiger conservation stuff - big cat happiness!! Other than that I am supposed to be starting a new BBC science show next month, fingers crossed. A good few of us are in the field at the moment and I am very jealous! Anyway, miss you all, hope everything is going well and write soon!

Liz xxx

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Christina Ieronymidou said...

Hello lovely. I'm readin! I got the blog on my Google Reader. So exciting to see some action on the blog. I have little idea of what most people are doing now.
Do you get to play with the cats or just admire them through spreadsheets? What's the BBC show about then?